What is Keno Notify?

Have you ever wondered what the hottest numbers are for the hour, day or past date? Wonder no more as Keno Notify will tell you! Perform historical lookups via game number or date. You can search any game as far back as 10 years ago!

Keno Notify is a desktop application that retrieves Keno games from the Massachusetts lottery. See the latest Keno game within minutes of the actual live broadcast!

Keno Notify allows you to enter your favorite keno picks and notifies you when/if they win. Keno Notify will send you alerts of winning numbers in the following ways:

  • Via Text alert on your Cell phone
  • Via Email alert on your PC (or cell phone, if equipped)
  • Via notification from Message box/task bar on your PC.
  • Via audio alert.

Keno Notify also allows you to see how often your numbers were winners without having to purchase a ticket! It is a great way of deciding if you made the best decision in playing your number combinations!

Keno Notify will show you the numbers and how they are trending. For example which numbers are coming in the most often(hot numbers) or which numbers are coming in less frequent(cold numbers).

Keno Notify does even more...

Keno Notify is a must for any person who wants to be informed of their picks, guesses or wins!

Download the latest version
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In the spotlight

Jan, 2016 - New promo code savings!
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Dec 01, 2014
New version 1.0.2 released! Now includes trending charts and graphs and past lookups improvements.
Oct 24, 2012
Use our new online search to find your favorite place to play KENO!
Jan 03, 2012
Interested in the android mobile app version? Let us know

Jan 04, 2011
Keno Notify releases a 64bit compatible version!

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*Please note: This program is used solely for entertainment purposes. Keno Notify is in no way affiliated with Massachusetts State Lottery or its associates. Accuracy of this software is not guaranteed and is completely unofficial. Please check your ticket with Mass State Lottery for game information.